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It is estimated that more than US$130 billion are invested globally into health research each year and the amount has been increasing steadily over the past decade (1). Still, proposals for health research funding are exceeding the available resources. There is a growing need to set priorities in health research investments using transparency and proper methodology.

The International Society for Fracture Repair (ISFR) held a workshop in 2012 and identified a list of universal challenges inherent to research in the field of proximal humerus. Based on these challenges, the group also agreed on several key concepts that could be used to surmount these obstacles, including defining the boundaries of health research, its main domains, and possible criteria for prioritization between competing research investment options. If accepted, these concepts could form a basis for a sound decision-making framework for setting priorities in proximal humerus fracture investments.

Obtaining input from various stakeholders is essential to advancing these agendas in a meaningful way. We seek to ratify individuals from funding agencies, researchers, users of research (e.g. industry, or general population of a country), and any other group with interest in the prioritization process (e.g. advocacy groups, journalists and media, lawyers, economists).

Please contact the steering committee for more details on methodology, conceptual framework, strategies involving different stakeholders and the priority setting process.


(1) De Francisco A, Matlin S, editors. Monitoring financial flows for health research 2006: The Changing Landscape of Health Research Development. Geneva: Global Forum for Health Research; 2006

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